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Hi Richard / Yao,

Yes it is an initiative by Dr Data with Mr Kaviraj. Dr Data is making sure
that UASG is well spread and used in India.

Just to clarify on my involvement with UASG, I have only left the
Ambassador position, although I am still with UASG as a community member.

Feel Free to reach out to me if required.


On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 12:03 PM Jiankang Yao <yaojk at cnnic.cn> wrote:

> Hello,
>   I think that you can contact Ashish Modi copied for further information.
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> Jiankang Yao
> *From:* Drfaisalal Hamar <drfaisalal_hamar at outlook.com>
> *Date:* 2019-08-31 17:41
> *To:* ua-discuss at icann.org
> *Subject:* [UA-discuss] Help Wanted
> Hello
> I came to know about the adoption of email on IDN domain names in Indian
> Police forces in local language, is Mr. Sharat Kaviraj here in our group if
> so please send me DM else can anyone please connect me with him, I want to
> know more about this initiative of universal acceptance and adoption of EAI
> done for 100k police official’s, will be a great help for helping our
> forces also we want to do something in this line in Arabic.
> Thanks
> Dr. Faisalal Hamar
> <https://www.indiatechonline.com/it-happened-in-india.php?id=3425>
> Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot (centre) launching Rajasthan Police
> Advanced Communication Systems & RajCop App in Jaipur
> *XGenPlus helps Rajasthan cops with advanced communication system
> <https://www.indiatechonline.com/it-happened-in-india.php?id=3425>*
> *Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has launched an  advanced
> communication systems at Police Head Quarters in Jaipur whereby  nearly
> 100,000 policemen of the state would now be empowered with digital radio,
> policemail with email Id: police.rajasthan.in <http://police.rajasthan.in>
> and police.rajasthan.bharat  (in hindi ) and a messenger carrier through
> Rajcop Mobile App.*
> The Policemail on Rajcop App and communication solution has been designed
> and developed by Jaipur based IT company *Data Xgen*, brings  a fully
> controlled communication service to the force.
> Says *Sharat Kaviraj*, Deputy Inspector General (Communications),
> Rajasthan Police: “ New and advanced communication systems including email
> service would bring in efficiency. These solutions would help us in
> communicating urgent matters to concerned personnel. Our earlier email
> service was officially controlled and but policemail would be controlled
> fully by the individual policeman.  The entire police force of the state
> has now been equipped with new communication solutions.”
> “We have tested the entire process for a couple of months. Today, the
> Chief Minister officially launched our new communication systems.
> Policemail would be highly secure as all data will be stored in our own
> server, hence there would not any threat of data theft or cyber attacks
> through email,” he added.
>  “The launch of efficient and secure communication systems, powered by
> XgenPlus, is a testimony to India’s domestic capabilities. XgenPlus
> provides technology solutions for secure and efficient enterprise email
> services along with other communication solutions. With the successful
> launch in Rajasthan today, we are hopeful that the new system can be scaled
> up across all states for fully controlled, secure and indigenously
> developed communication solutions,” said *Dr. Ajay Data*, CEO and
> Founder, Data Xgen  Dr. Data is also Chairman of the Universal Acceptance
> Steering Group of ICANN- the international internet body.
> With the policemail, Rajasthan Police has essentially provided  official
> mail IDs (in English and Hindi),  which he can opened a  desktop or Rajcop
> App and send messages.
>  Through the message carrier feature, Police personnel can create their
> own group and include other personnel in that group by their SSO ID and can
> chat by sharing text, photos, video, etc. A secure group of all district
> police officials can easily be created.
> Rajcop App has unique features in terms of security, ease of use and
> access. Some features are first in the country.  Senior officials and IT
> experts feel that in this digital era, having a secure and fully controlled
> communications systems developed indigenously would go long way in creating
> a strong digital infrastructure for the country.
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