[UA-discuss] IDN talk at Unicode Technical Workshop, Nov 2023

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Congratulations to UASG's own Sarmad Hussain, for giving a talk on IDNs 
at last November's Unicode Technical Workshop in California! This 
workshop is where the architects of The Unicode Standard, 
internationalisation support in the tech industry's major software, 
fonts, and emoji gather. It is quite an expert audience for the UASG 

Session title: *Internationalizing the Internet's Domain Name System*
*Presenter*: Sarmad Hussain
*Date*: 2023-11-07 10:15 PST

*Abstract*: Internet does not just connect machines but also billions of 
people around the world communicating a multitude of languages and 
scripts. For connecting these people effectively, a mechanism was needed 
for the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) to support labels in these 
different languages and scripts they speak and write. Therefore, 
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) developed the protocol to allow 
for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) in Applications 2008 (IDNA2008: 
see RFCs 5890-93) based on the Unicode standard. Where IDNs make the DNS 
more accessible for users, IDNs could also increase the possibility of 
confusion among domain labels for these users due to a much larger 
character-set allowed. IDNA2008 itself asks for additional measures to 
address these challenges. For this purpose, ICANN has supported the 
communities using the different scripts encoded in the Unicode to 
develop Label Generation Rules (LGRs). These rules go beyond the 
specifications in the Unicode and IDNA2008, to balance both security and 
usability aspects of using Unicode-based labels in the different 
languages and scripts. The session will explain the technical challenges 
faced for the different scripts to develop “unique” labels, and discuss 
the solutions implemented which balance the security and usability needs 
of the communities using the domain labels.

*Session web page*: <https://www.unicode.org/events/utw/talks/domain-names/>

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