[UA-discuss] Unicode consortium's curriculum project, "Unicode Guide to Internationalization" [FYI]

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Thank you, Jim for sharing this with us.

Much appreciated.

On Sat, Dec 23, 2023, 01:38 Jim DeLaHunt via UA-discuss <
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> The December email of the Unicode Consortium's newsletter brings this
> interesting news:
> *Update on the Unicode Guide to Internationalization*
> Work on the Unicode Guide to Internationalization has begun!
> As background, the purpose of this project is to create and publish an
> online guide to internationalization. The development of the guide will be
> overseen by a Unicode curriculum team, which will be responsible for
> defining the overall information architecture of the guide and drawing up
> references and guidelines for content contributors. Contributors will be
> invited as experts on particular internationalization topics.
> The content of the guide will consist of short (5-15 minute) video
> lectures and/or screencasts that focus on a particular internationalization
> topic or problem.
> The guide structure, content development plan and contributor guidelines
> are currently in development. If you are interested in participating,
> whether as an expert contributor or in some other way, please email
> i18nguide at unicode.org. Thanks to those who have already expressed
> interest.
> Watch for additional information to be released in the new year!
> There was a talk about this at last November's Unicode Technical Workshop
> in California:
>    - Session overview
>    <https://www.unicode.org/events/utw/talks/unicode-guide/>
>    <https://www.unicode.org/events/utw/talks/unicode-guide/>
>    - Slides
>    <https://www.unicode.org/events/utw/documents/slides/2023_11_SahleenJoel_UTW.pdf>
>    <https://www.unicode.org/events/utw/documents/slides/2023_11_SahleenJoel_UTW.pdf>
>    (44 slides)
>    - Video of session <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LDaY7X2qGk>
>    <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LDaY7X2qGk> (44 minutes)
>    - By Joel Shaheen, 8 November 2023.
> I suggest that the people in UASG's curriculum working group consider
> contacting <i18nguide at unicode.org> <i18nguide at unicode.org>, tell them
> about what UASG has been doing about curriculum, and see if there is
> benefit to collaboration.
> Best regards,
>      —Jim DeLaHunt
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