[UA-discuss] Experimental EAI "free trial" services under one's own domain name?

John Levine john.levine at standcore.com
Tue Jun 27 19:57:15 UTC 2023

It appears that Jim DeLaHunt via UA-discuss <list+uasg at jdlh.com> said:
>I am interested in how someone could set up an experimental EAI 
>(globally exclusive) email server, under their own non-Latin domain name 
>and with non-Latin local parts.  I have heard that email service ...
>Can anyone point me to a URL which describe the "free trial" services of 
>a particular vendor?

Microsoft offers a one month free trial of their MS 365 packages which
include hosted email on your own domain.  With some pain I was able to
configure it for an IDN domain which I used for testing a few years ago.


There are also several VPS providers who offer a 30 day free trial but
that would be a lot more useful if we had some packaged setups with
Courier or Postfix+Dovecot that people could start up and configure.


PS: Sorry I missed the meeting this morning, had a stale zoom link.
Is there a shared calendar for UASG calls?

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