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This is interesting! Could you please give a link to the proposal — a 
document number, a URL, a link to an email thread?

 From what I have seen of software developers wanting to stick with IDNA 
2003 instead of moving to IDNA 2008, the declarations of UTS #46 do not 
seem to be a major factor. UTS #46 talks of a transition, but I don't 
hear developers talking about being mid-transition. The use using IDNA 
2003 seem to want to stay with IDNA 2003 until some other factor — like 
a library, or a more important piece of software in their ecosystem — 
changes to adopt IDNA 2008.

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On 2023-02-23 14:16, Asmus Freytag via UA-discuss wrote:
> Just a heads up for whoever is interested:
> There is a proposal in the works in the Unicode Consortium to 
> deprecate the "deviation" mappings in UTS#46 and to declare the 
> transitional period to be over. This recognizes the fact that some 
> registries are no longer compatible with the deviation mappings and 
> some browsers have stopped supporting them.
> Four characters are affected, including ß and final sigma.
> A./
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