[UA-discuss] 2023 UASG Chair Election Results

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Thu Mar 30 17:17:20 UTC 2023

On 2023-03-30 05:20, Nazar Nicholas via UA-discuss wrote:
> Your reporting on the results of the election is inadequate. It only 
> shows the total number of votes as 244. It does not say how many voted 
> for the chair for example. Please give us the breakdown of the total 
> vote cast, votes for the victor, votes for the loser, abstaintation 
> votes, spoilt vote etc.

I agree with this. Part of the credibility of the election process is 
the credibility of the counting process. I agree with should have a 
breakdown of how many votes for each candidate and how many ballots were 
spoiled. We should have the names of the election monitors, the people 
who stake their integrity to certify that the counting process was 
correct and that the results have integrity.

If this was more than a two-candidate contest using single member 
plurality voting, I would be advocating that the anonymised ballot data 
be released, so that people could confirm the count themselves. For this 
simple contest structure, the ballot data does not tell us more than the 
breakdown of votes by candidate or spoiled-ballot status already tells us.

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