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Jordan Carter jordan at internetnz.net.nz
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I would just like to clarify that I have never said "We need to stick to
the timetable." I've said the timetable has been imposed on us by outside
forces. It has, in terms of outside this CCWG. Whether ICANN is the prime
source of the pressure or others, I have personally had pressure from all
the people I mentioned.

I have very specifically not mentioned any particular views about the
timetable other than to generally wish we weren't so rushed.


On 30 July 2015 at 19:54, Nigel Roberts <nigel at channelisles.net> wrote:

> On 07/30/2015 03:02 AM, Stephanie Perrin wrote:
>> As one of the folks who does not have the massive amount of time
>> required to participate in these important negotiations, but is
>> nevertheless very interested, may I submit the following:
>> 1.  I agree with Chris, this is a point of fundamental fairness. Slow
>> down.
> I agree.
>  2.  As I think it was George S has said, there is never time to do it
>> right, but always time to do it over.  Why not negotiate for more time
>> to complete the report?
> Negotiate with whom?
> What I see is a conflict of evidence. .NZ (Jordan) is stating that we need
> to stick to the timetable because of external requirements, as follow
>   It is not self-created urgency in the slightest. It is urgency that
>> comes from, among other places, ICANN itself; the United States Government;
>> parts of the technical community who have wanted to be without the USG link
>> for a very long time.
> Firstly it is NOT the USG. I heard Mr Strickling say this, in person.
> But I will agree that itt does come, as you say, from within ICANN itself.
> That is exactly self-created urgency/
> I cannot see how the technical community can set the schedule on on what
> is, essential, the construction of ICANN 3.0 and I'd be grateful for a
> pointer to who, and how, set the schedule in this way.
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