[CCWG-ACCT] way forward and minority statements

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Fri Jul 31 03:28:00 UTC 2015

Hello Greg,

This is off topic, but I couldn't resist.

>>  Are you referring to the criminal element who knows how to use WHOIS to hide themselves?  

I am not sure that WHOIS is the “tool” for hiding themselves.

They generally use stolen credit cards and fake or stolen identities to not just hide themselves, but also avoid actually paying for any of the services they use.   One of the side effects of this practice is that some innocent people actually have their names associated with inappropriate domain names and websites in the WHOIS entries.

One of the most frequent “tools” to hide themselves is to use free email services from companies such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.   They are able to then use these email services to confirm that their email address is accurate, and hence complete the registration procedure.

Bruce Tonkin

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