[atrt2] Questions for Public Comment

demi at nic.br demi at nic.br
Sun Mar 31 00:14:43 UTC 2013

I agree that making it not binary helps. There are some editing slips  
on the DRC version (missing question 15, as an examplo). Anyway it  
seems to be a very very comprehensive and complete  questionnaire.  
Thanks for the huge work!

Quoting "David Conrad" <drc at virtualized.org>:

> Hi,
> Apologies for not providing these comments/edits earlier (just back  
> from travel). The executive summary of the edits:
> - tried to make the questions more quantitative by asking for a  
> response along a scale (1 to 10).  As mentioned on the call, I do  
> not think a binary yes/no for most of the questions provides  
> particularly useful information since I suspect most folks will want  
> to answer "sometimes yes, sometimes no".
> - asked for more suggestions of metrics
> - various consistency and consolidation edits trying to make the  
> questions more readable (at least for me).
> With respect to the comments, I found a number of places in which I  
> was confused about what was being referenced.  Perhaps that's just  
> me, however.
> FWIW, use as you see fit.
> Regards,
> -drc

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