[atrt2] FW: ATRT2 Final Report - Draft#2 For Your Review

Larisa B. Gurnick larisa.gurnick at icann.org
Sun Dec 22 18:04:32 UTC 2013

Dear Review Team,

I would like to provide you with an updated status.   The comments and edits that you've sent since staff circulated Draft #2 documents on Friday are in the process of being incorporated into the final draft, which will be circulated to the Review Team tomorrow, Monday.  Here is the inventory of changes that have been captured.

*         Brian's edits to the language of the Executive Summary: "ATRT2 believes that these Recommendations are important and, to the extent accepted by the Board, should be treated as a strategic priority.  To that end, ICANN should create an implementation plan and publish it to the Community.  ATRT2 wishes to emphasize that the observations appearing in ATRT2's assessments and elsewhere in the body of the Report should be duly considered by the Board and afforded all due weight in ongoing and future implementation efforts."

*         9.4.b has been modified based on Avri's edit to read:  "A discussion of the degree to which ICANN, both staff and community, are adhering to a default standard of transparency in all policy, implementation and administrative actions; as well as the degree to which all narratives, redaction, or other  practices used to not disclose  information to the ICANN community are documented in a transparent manner."

*         9.4.c i) has been modified based on Avri's edit to read:  "requests of the Documentary Information Disclosure Policy (DIDP) process and the disposition of requests."

*         12.4  has been restored based on Lise's note to read "In order to improve accountability and transparency  ICANN's Board should base the yearly budgets on a multi-annual strategic plan and corresponding financial framework [covering e.g. a three-year period] This rolling plan and framework should reflect the planned activities and the corresponding expenses in that multi-annual period. This should include specified budgets for the ACs and SOs. ICANN's [yearly] financial reporting shall ensure that it is possible to track ICANN's activities and the related expenses with particular focus on the implementation of the [yearly] budget. The financial report shall be subject to public consultation."

*         Brian's addition of Appendix E - Observations concerning the ATRT2.  Staff has filled in the missing data and provided several notes for your consideration.  Please see the attached document.

*         Regarding Olivier's question about "the ATRT2", Sabra, the editor, has gone through the entire document, ensuring that acronyms are spelled out the first time they appear and making sure that the words "the" are incorporated consistently.  This is her explanation for the methodology that she followed:  "I included the digit in the full term, as it is significant to the name. That means in most cases it should appear without the article, as "ATRT2."  In cases where the article is present, it's because it modifies a noun, such as "the ATRT2 report."   This approach is already reflected in Draft #2 circulated on Friday.


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Dear Review Team members,

Attached are documents comprising ATRT2 Final Report - Draft #2.  Please review these documents and provide staff with your final edits by 23 UTC on Friday, 20 December.
Staff will circulate ATRT2 Final Report - Draft #3 on Monday 23 December.

Appendix B has not changed since the Draft Report.  Appendix C reflects all the submitted changes.  Appendix D is new.

Staff made every effort to reflect your intended changes consistently and accurately, and the quality control effort is still continuing.  However, due to the volume of changes, please take care to check your portions of the document to ensure accuracy.  Formatting and table of contents will be updated in the next draft.

As a reminder, ICANN will be closed for the holidays from noon on 24 December through 1 January, and the editor that has been engaged to assist with the Final Report will not be available after 23 December.
Staff will be available to assist with any last minute edits upon return on 2 January.  Staff will submit the final report for translation  and coordinate the posting on the web site as soon as ATRT2 confirms the Final Report documents after the holidays.

Best regards,

Larisa B. Gurnick
Consultant/Senior Director, Organizational Reviews
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
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