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Chris Chaplow chris at andaluciaws.com
Fri Jul 24 15:35:57 UTC 2009

Dear BC members,


Please see email below from CCT Work Team Staff member Scott Pinzon,
Director, Policy Communications.

If anybody BC member would like to volunteer for the interview please advise
me and I will pass on names to Scott.




The GNSO web site improvement project is proceeding well and picking up
momentum! During the first half of August, I anticipate that the site will
reach a state where the back end (servers, databases, etc.) is ready to
support anything we want to do with the front end ( the display and
organization of the site).

However, we lack some of the data we need about how people actually use the
GNSO site. We can easily hatch a plan for reorganizing GNSO content, but we
need real user input so we can validate that our strategies actually solve
the problems users experience.

For that reason, I am asking you to suggest names of folks who are heavy
users of the GNSO website. I intend to conduct a dozen phone interviews with
site users. Ideal candidates could be Council members, WG members, or even
members of other ICANN entities (we want the site to work for both insiders
and outsiders). The main qualifications are that they must be familiar with
the site, and able to answer basic questions such as, “When you come to the
GNSO web site, what are you usually trying to accomplish?” and “What do you
like least about the site? Why?” 

Please forward names and contact information to me. I will contact
individuals to see if they are willing to participate in an interview
lasting up to 45 minutes. No need to overthink — a name or two has probably
already popped into your mind, so please respond today or tomorrow!

GNSO Communications team members, this supports the plan I mentioned in our
call yesterday. Please feel free to nominate yourselves if you are willing
to be interviewed; and naturally, any other “power users” or interested
members who come to mind.

Thanks so much!
Towards a better GNSO site,   


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