[bc-gnso] Draft GNSO Council letter to the GAC

Phil Corwin pcorwin at butera-andrews.com
Thu May 14 18:22:50 UTC 2009

Clearly, based upon what I sent earlier today, I disagree with Marilyn on this matter.

But, regardless of the substance, I have questions about the process followed on this matter. There is no way to determine whether there is sufficient consensus among BC members without first providing them with the draft GNSO letter as well as some analysis as to whether and how it is at odds with prior BC policy statements. Instead, it has been presumed up front that consensus does not exist and a BC position of abstention has been conveyed to the GNSO before the BC as a whole has had any opportunity to consider the matter. 

It may well be that no consensus exists and that a default position of abstention properly reflects that, but I think BC members should have some opportunity for input before a Constituency position is conveyed.

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I would support an abstention. First, positions like this deserve broader BC discussion, and as noted by Philip, there are items where there may not be membership consensus. 

Marilyn Cade
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 Driven by the Registrars, the Council is considering a letter to the GAC (draft attached) in
 response to the GAC letter to ICANN CEO.
 http://www.icann.org/correspondence/karklins-to-twomey-24apr09.pdf <http://www.icann.org/correspondence/karklins-to-twomey-24apr09.pdf> 
 The Council response raises issues with which the BC may agree and others with which we may
 We have therefore indicated at this stage a BC abstention.
 The IPC has done the same.
 Do let me know if you have any views.

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