[bc-gnso] Day 00 - Saturday: Informal BC meetings/update on the discussion of the elections of the Policy Chair/Vice Chairs

Mike O'Connor mike at haven2.com
Sat Oct 24 12:54:05 UTC 2009

please keep blogging -- your post was great!


On Oct 23, 2009, at 11:55 PM, Marilyn Cade wrote:

> I don't recall that there is a separately designated list just for  
> those who are attending Seoul ICANN, or who opted in for more  
> detailed feedback. If there is, I suggest that we can take up  
> administrative coordination 'off the full BC' list, however, this  
> email is also an update to those who can't be here in person  
> regarding the present status of election of the Policy Chair and  
> Vice Chairs.
> Yes to the BAR gathering today for an hour.
> and yes to tomorrow p.m.
> I agree that having informal gatherings on the Saturday and Sunday  
> are extremely helpful to the sharing of information within the BC  
> members and of course, giving feedback and guidance to councilors  
> and officers on topics so that they are kept updated and supported  
> by the membership in what is a very heavy duty work time for all of  
> us.
> The time zone differences to most of our BC members not here make  
> communications in 'real time' extremely challenging for all.
> As a quick update to the list, having not seen any other updates,  
> I'll just post to the BC membership overall that the discussions  
> with who will be vice chair from the "houses", and who is the chair  
> candidate(s) for the GNSO Policy Council chair.
> The 'question and answer' exchanges with the two candidates for GNSO  
> Policy Chair is underway now.
> Early today, there was a House meeting at 9 a.m. that was open.  
> Several BC members learned about the meeting and came along to it,  
> so there will be others who will undoubtedly post to the list to  
> share insights, and information.
> Outcome from that meeting:
> First, quickly, from the meeting that took place at 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.  
> today, Olga emerged as the Non Contracted House candidate for the  
> Chair of the GNSO Policy Council and Chuck emerged as the candidate  
> from the Contracted parties house.
> The contracted chairs house put forward Stephan as their house vice  
> chair.  They therefore have a firm V.C. already elected.
> The non contracted house put Olga forward as the "Interim Vice  
> Chair", in the event she isn't elected as the Chair. If she is  
> elected as the Chair, then the general "informal" agreement seems to  
> be to support Zahid Jamil as a candidate for the Vice Chair of the  
> House, should Olga be elected as chair of the Policy Council.
> In the informal, closed discussions within the House, exceptionally  
> effectively chaired by Steve Metalitz this a.m. in an 'ad hoc'  
> huddle that I proposed so that all members voices could be heard,  
> the ISPs; the IPC and the BC supported Chuck as chair, and Olga as  
> Vice Chair [but supported as well that Olga would be the House Chair  
> candidate].
> I know that all of us had many reservations about the Board's  
> decision to force the creation of "Houses". I am pleased to report  
> that the working tone between the Stakeholder Groups  within the Non  
> Commercial House was exceptionally cordial and collaborative.  The  
> non commercial users in the Stakeholder group with us [commercial  
> users] will have a new challenge as they absorb the new appointed  
> reps made by the Board.
> Communications that are honest and thoughtful throughout this  
> process of building the new processes will continue to be extremely  
> important. It has been very helpful to have as many BC members in  
> attendance, since that builds visible recognition and interpersonal  
> exchanges at a critical 'building block' period.  I don't pretend  
> that this will be easy, but the reality is that not only are we  
> 'house mates', it might even be that we are 'room mates'.  One  
> always wants pleasant relationships with the 'neighbors' when one  
> lives in a small multi tenant dwelling!
> Best regards from the first half day in Seoul.
> Don't panic:  It is not my intent to blog about all meetings, but  
> this discussion about the election of Chair/Vice Chairs is of  
> relevance to all BC members.
> Marilyn

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