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The Non-Commercial Users Constituency have requested a Policy Development
Process to examine the issues of registry-registrar separation.  Their
statment is attached.  The Council will vote on the NCUC motion at our next
meeting in three weeks.  Based on our recent BC position paper, the BC
Councilors expect to support the motion.

Please reply with any comments or questions.


Mike Rodenbaugh
Rodenbaugh Law
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San Francisco, CA  94104

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Hi all

To help move things along at Thursday's meeting, I'm attaching NCUC's
statement on the issue of Registry/Registrar vertical integration to this

I hope it will clarify some of the questions that some of you may have about
why NCUC believes this is a policy issue for the GNSO. I would have sent it
before today, but I took the weekend to see if other NCUC members had final
comments or additions to make to it.

Thank you!


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