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I'll incorporate this into the summary notes, Berry. 

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My apologies for leaving Steve hanging about the topic of VI
during his review.  My mute button prevented me from speaking. 
Zahid, thank you for the backup.


To answer Steve’s question……..


I do not expect too much attention at Nairobi, since most of
the DT work should be completed by then.  However, once the WG is formed, I
imagine the visibility of VI will be great.


The VI charter should be finalized today, and I hope we can
send it over to the BC for review promptly afterwards.  We have a short
turn-around time, as the DT is aiming for 2/26 to send the Charter to the


Please advise if you have any questions.  My apologies
again for the phone issue.  I look forward to seeing those who are
travelling to Nairobi.


Thank you.


Berry A. Cobb

Infinity Portals LLC



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