[bc-gnso] ICANN staff exodus

Phil Corwin pcorwin at butera-andrews.com
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Agree that it is not appropriate to mention staff changes in the DAG comment letter.

Has ICANN really lost "much of its senior management team"? I know that Brent and Giza are leaving, but are there others? In any event, unless there's an epidemic of such departures, and unless we know the specific reasons for them, it is inappropriate to assert that they indicate problems with the new CEO -- in fact, my experience is that most large organizations see some significant staff turnover in the year after a new CEO comes on board.

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I support NOT commenting in our proposed paper on DAG4 paper on the recent staff exodus.
An organisation that loses much of its senior management team within months of the arrival of a new CEO is an organisation within which something is wrong.

I suggest the BC ex comm discuss whether they believe the BC should make a general comment or perhaps a letter on this issue (or maybe a letter just on compliance).


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