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Dear BC members
Attached is an update regarding the upcoming ICANN meeting in Nairobi. 

Several BC members are arriving on Friday night and earlier, and will be on ground in Nairobi, at a few different hotels. You can keep in touch with me by email and I'll ensure that everyone gets any communications from you.
Sunday night's dinner, if you are coming to Nairobi, is organized and sponsored by one of our own members, so if you haven't rsvp'd, please do so immediately. It is a separate event that involves the Kenyan business community. 
Monday has the opening ceremony and speech by the President, which you should plan to attend, to hear more about Rod Beckstrom's focus. The EIO session on Monday will have Zahid Jamil as a panelist, along with others, and the BC's position will be reflected from the floor, as well as by Zahid.  A Session on Affirmation of Commitment Reviews is scheduled next, followed by a session on Trademark Protection in new gTLDS, where Zahid Jamil will be a panelist.  Monday at 6 p.m., we will have our first 'huddle' which now will include the IPC and ISPCP, and be led by Ron Andruff, BC member. The location for our 'huddles' for Monday and Tuesday night will be announced after arrival in Nairobi. 
The bridge for the 'huddles' will be reforwarded Monday a.m. Nairobi time. 
Tuesday's schedule is described in the attachment. 
During Tuesday's meeting of the BC, we will be allocating members to attend different sessions Wednesday and Thursday so taht we have a presence in all relevant sessions. If you are participating remotely, we will ask you to also identify which session you are participating in so that we have a broad distribution of BC members in relevant sessions. 
Thursday, at 8:00 a.m. the onsite Business Constituency members will 'huddle' before the public forum, to discuss the agenda items before the Board in the public forum.  Individual BC members will be speaking on their individual views on various topics that will be on the Public Forum agenda.   I hope that many of you who are remote participants can join the public forum and express your perspectives.  The time slot is not particularly friendly, but your input is important. 
The Kenyan ICANN meeting is unique in many ways. We will all miss you if you are not able to come in person, but look forward to hearing from you, and keeping in contact during the meeting regarding your views.  
My next communication is likely to be from Kenya, but I'll be on line for a few hours yet, so do send along any questions that you have, or additional information or enhancements. 
The materials attached describe our confirmed speakers/and invited speakers, but is subject to change, depending on changes in confirmation. 
Marilyn CadeChair, BC 
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