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Thanks Ron for sharing this.

The blog post was a pretty accurate and thorough description of what has been going on lately with ICANN and the gTLD program. I agree with you for the most part, but some things you wrote didn't make any sense to me and left me in state of confusion.

More specifically the topic related to the brand TLDs was the one that caught my eye. You stated that the schedule of so called brand TLDs should be pushed further compared to the regular TLDs. And the reason for this would be the unfinished work with the definition of SRSU and other brand TLD related issues.

I really fail to see the logic in this. Let me list a couple of reasons why brand TLDs should be delegated first rather than be put to the end of the queue.

1)      The companies behind brand TLDs are usually in good financial standing and can afford well-known back-end registry service provider or skilled enough people to run the registry properly thus posing no threat to stability or security of the root.

2)      The brands by definition have a reputation to maintain. That thing alone guarantees that the TLDs are properly operated to avoid any negative publicity.

3)      The requirement of having to use registrars (Which SRSU model is supposed to fix) is nothing but a small inconvenience and cost item  for big corporations. Nothing really keeps them from applying a standard TLD and bear the added minor financial impact of contracting a registrar.

4)      ICANN can't really say no to the money these kind of easy and safe TLD applications would bring on the table (it is estimated that there would be at least 50-150 of them, $185,000 each, you can do the math).

5)      Last but not least ICANN could be facing legal implications of delaying the brand TLDs as the big corporations might find it as a discriminatory approach



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Dear all,

As it may have relevance to members of the BC, I thought I should make you aware of a blog post I made on CircleID regarding the long delays and long timelines that lay ahead vis-à-vis new gTLDs [ http://www.circleid.com/posts/and_then_there_was_the_issue_of_time/ ].

The October 12th BC meeting in Washington, particularly the session on "brands as gTLDs" that Fred Felman chaired, was extremely valuable in fleshing out the complexities around brands as TLDs and got me to thinking more about how ICANN best handle this important aspect.  I recommend that members go back and read the transcripts or listen to the MP3 to learn more if they didn't participate remotely.  It got me to thinking more about what still needs to be done and how we should address that.  In my post, I suggest putting all brands on a separate path towards gTLDs until such time as the issues around SRSU and the like have been properly considered and appropriate recommendations are put in place.  I believe that this would address a number of concerns from different groups and build institutional confidence in ICANN.

Kind regards,


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