[bc-gnso] CSG charter and knock-on effects to BC charter

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The deadline to amend the CSG Charter is approaching, but unfortunately there has been no drafting since then.  We discussed the Charter in Brussels, and the CSG reps met in Brussels, but we have not heard back from the other Constituency reps and we obviously need to move this along.  That is one reason why we are slating a discussion of this topic at the upcoming DC meeting.  We need to begin that drafting process to meet the Board's deadline.  You are more than welcome to attend in person or by phone and hear all the details for yourself.  It may also be helpful to review the attached Powerpoint presentation, which I gave at the Brussels meeting covering many of the issues that will need to be decided in the CSG drafting process.

Soon after we tackle the CSG Charter, we need to turn to the process of amending the BC Charter.  You both seem to be of the opinion that the BC Charter doesn't need updating, but it's my understanding that the GNSO Structural Improvements Mike and Zahid voted to approve now require changes to the Charter.  It certainly seems more than transparent that we will be discussing this issue in some detail at the upcoming BC meeting.  All BC members are encouraged to discuss what additional changes they want or don't want to see since this will be a collective effort. The list Mikey provided along with the additional list of issues I provided in my earlier response are a good start.  

Rather than lobbing out continued accusations of non-transparency or imagined conspiracy theories, I would urge you both to participate in these two efforts going forward.  Any BC member can also call me directly rather than burdening the list with continued barbs.


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As a member of the BC ExComm, I also have been asking these questions, and have no answer.  This despite six months of Charter drafting and debate last year.  Yet the rest of the ExComm has voted to have an in-person meeting in two weeks, where this is to be a major topic of discussion?

Transparency is severely lacking.

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to be clear my comment on experience was not about the experience of the current members of the ex comm, but the aggregate experience we have as a constituency in using the new Charter. There are already issues in Mikey's list that were safeguards placed into the BC Charter which directly addressed issues that the previous Charter did not. Some of these - actually most of these- have simply not been tested yet.

Nevertheless, I repeat that as a BC member I to date have NOT been informed of the detail of changes planned to either Charter and I'd like to know what they are please.


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