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Yes- the broad definition is the first one- not the second.
Thanks Susan for your note.
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Hi Steve,

I agree with Lynn that the definition you reference below is to narrow.  We have had lots of discussion within the team and I think our work will be limited by this definition.  Personally I would want it as broad as possible - Consumer = "Internet user"

In discussions when the narrow definition would not include the 2 billion people using the internet but a subset of those that actually touch the whois record in some way.


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Lynn - I agree we want a broad definition of "consumer" for purposes of reviewing WHOIS.  That's why I recommended we select the
thought the scond defintion (below) was the one

Any consumer that acts as a Producer of WHOIS data (see above), Maintainer of WHOIS data and provider of WHOIS Service (e.g. Registrars), or User of WHOIS data (e.g. - individuals, commercial or non-commercial entities who legitimately query the WHOIS data).

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Thanks Steve for this draft and the work of the BC to provide productive comments.

As an member of the Whois Review Team, I would personally appreciate support from the BC for the broader definition of "consumer" as a global Internet user rather than the narrow definition that would limit the concept of consumers to registrants and ICANN stakeholders.

I maintain that the broader definition is consistent with language in other sections of the AOC that refer to "public interest" and "Internet users" as well as the policy requirement for public availability of Whois data.

Also, I believe members of the BC have first hand experience with the UDRP process and a good understanding of the dependency on Whois data for dispute resolution.  The BC perspective on this specific need for accurate and reliable Whois data would be helpful in progressing our work.

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ICANN is gathering responses to questions posed by the Whois review team.

Attached is a discussion draft for BC response prepared by Elisa Cooper.  (Steve DelBianco added a bit about Whois studies)

On our last member call, several others also volunteered to add to this response, so we're looking forward to your additions:
Sara Deutsch
Berry Cobb
Lynn Goodendorf
Janet O'Callaghan

ICANN's Comment period closes 17-Apr.    Today (7-Apr) begins an 8-day review period for this discussion draft. We can submit this response later if members feel they need the entire 14-day review and discussion period.

Please review and post your suggestions/edits as soon as possible.   If there are no disagreements noted by 17-Apr, this response will be adopted without a voting period, and posted to ICANN.

For topic background, see http://icann.org/en/public-comment/#whois-rt

Thanks again to Elisa Cooper for serving as BC Rapporteur on this.

Steve DelBianco
Vice chair for policy coordination

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