[bc-gnso] Posting the list of "improvements" to the new gTLD program to the BC public list

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Thanks Bene.  


So Marilyn, re your Proposal No. 8 again, there was minimal discussion on
the call.  Bill Smith reiterated general operational concerns with the
skeletal concept.  Steve referred us back to prior BC support for a GPML
concept, involving famous marks only, which died when it became evident that
there is no workable way to define fame, among other reasons.  Initially you
said this is your proposal, then you said that "a number of members support
it."  At the moment that number appears to be "one" since nobody else has
publicly supported even the bare concept, as far as I can tell from tracking
the BC List.  Until you answer some of the questions I and others have
raised, there simply is no proposal that anyone can reasonably consider, and
so the idea should be dropped from further discussion (as a general waste of
time) until you do try to answer some of those questions.


Here's one more too:  what if there might be several owners of the same
mark?  United, Delta, probably a million other marks are registered to
different parties in different places for different things.  What if one of
them wants to register in a new TLD, but another one of them has placed a
permanent block?  From your perspective, does that seem potentially unfair?
How would you propose to address that issue?





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Dear Members,

Please find attached the transcript for yesterday's BC Call. I have also
posted it to the BC Wiki in the teleconference section, along with all other
transcripts and reports. 

As requested, I have also posted the document regarding the list of
improvements to the new gTLD program to the Wiki. 

As a reminder, the BC Wiki can be found here:

Kind Regards,
Benedetta Rossi
BC Secretariat
bc-secretariat at icann.org

On 11/01/2012 00:12, Marilyn Cade wrote: 

Two members asked to have this list posted to the bc-GNSO list. Thus, I am
posting it, but you already received it via bc-private, so you can disregard
this. It is a copy of the list provided for the BC call. 
Bene will also put it on the BC WIKI, and as she and I finalize the
grid/excel version, we will get that posted to members. As noted in the
earlier email, I am targeting providing it to the ExComm for a sanity check
on readability and undertandabiilty for members comments on the document,
and then posting to the bc-GNSO list. 
Just a reminder that you will have the transcript from Bene, our Secretariat
in a few days, or sooner, as well, as a memory supplement, or if someone in
your company missed the call and you want to engage with them on the
Marilyn Cade

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