[bc-gnso] ICANN DNS L-Root announcements

Michael D. Palage michael at palage.com
Mon May 21 19:37:29 UTC 2012

Hello Jim,


I would tend to agree with you.  This just seems to be news fodder for
ICANN, self-promotion considering that most of the news worth events in the
past couple of months have not exactly shed a positive light on ICANN's
technical expertise.


Personal I have always objected to an technical coordinator having any role
in operating  critical registry infrastructure, unfortunately this is a
chess piece ICANN will not let give up should NTIA ever decide not to renew
the IANA contact.  For fun try and ask ICANN for its legal authority to
operate the L-Root.  


Best regards,






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On a BC call about a month ago, I mentioned a question I had about a new
instance of the ICANN L-Root that was mentioned in an ICANN announcement.  I
did some research and determined that the Russian server mentioned in the
April 5 ICANN News Alert is a standard Anycast instance, and not an item
that needs any special attention from the ICANN community.  


Since the April 5 Alert there have been two other similar ICANN news items -
one announcing 14 new L-Root instances implemented in Brazil and another
regarding L-Root instances in the Ukraine.  The news item about Brazil
specifically identified those servers as Anycast instances.  


Just to clarify that all of the mentioned L-Root instances mentioned are
Anycast-based, I sent a note to Joe Abley, ICANN's Director of DNS
Operations, last week seeking confirmation.  As soon as I hear back from
him, I will pass the confirmation along to the BC list.  


Jim Baskin

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