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Dear Collin

Thanks very much for your Email!

Here are some infos about the HRILWG meeting in Kobe that might be of interest to you:

The HRIL working group (HRILWG) discussed internal matters, including the work conducted intersessionally to develop an updated work plan, which has been adopted by the WG, and confirmed by the  GAC leadership team.
A first discussion was held regarding ICANN Human Rights Core Values implementation and what the GAC’s role in the implementation of this core value would be. The HRILWG addressed four potential options for implementation via a questionnaire circulated to GAC Members and Observers. On the basis of this discussion the HRILWG will intersessionally work on an options paper on this matter.
The HRIL WG is in touch with the CCWP Human Rights with a view to submit a request for the organization of a Cross Community Session or High Interest Session on Human Rights. ICANN66 Montreal is currently envisaged as optimal time frame for this proposal to ensure the ICANN Board response regarding implementation options for WS2 recommendations has been published.
ICANN Org updated the HRILWG regarding the Human Rights Impact Assessment it is carrying out and its status. The final report will be published post ICANN64. The HRIL WG Co-Chairs will circulate the report to the GAC and consider whether input needs to be provided.
Pursuant to discussions in the WG, its Co-Chairs propose to GAC leadership and GAC support staff to make sure any materials produced, especially the GAC communique abide by accessibility standards.

Kind regards


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Dear colleagues,

I’m delighted to share that tangible progress was made toward the implementation of ICANN’s Human Rights Core Value at ICANN64! Some highlights:

PDP HRIA Model – We had a productive working session during our F2F meeting, which will inform the next iteration of the HRIA model (version 3.4). Examples of feedback received:

  *   Further considerations of the rights of indigenous and disabled peoples;
  *   Incorporation of elements of the HR Framework of Interpretation;
  *   Inclusion of relevant resolutions, principles, and decisions made by IGOs in addition to applicable human rights law; and
  *   Addition of “Explainer” tab, including normative standards for assessing severity of impact and other indicators.

Sub Pros – The Trial HRIA<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EKpMCef8kiZ2tJE2AU78q9_oeJehGbR7bWpQ5wt7D5I/edit#gid=853107611> was shared with the Subsequent Procedures Working Group (work tracks 1-4) during their F2F meetings in Kobe. Many of the assessment observations fed into substantive policy discussions, and recommendations were deemed useful by co-chairs Jeff Neuman, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, and other long-standing PDP members. This positive feedback is a good indicator for the viability of the current assessment framework.

GAC Implementation – In parallel, the GAC Human Rights International Law Working Group (HRIL WG) recently conducted a member survey regarding implementation options for the Human Rights Core Value. One of these options provided for the participation of the GAC in HRIAs or similar procedural steps established for PDPs. (Perhaps Jorge or Suada could tell us a bit more about this work and its reception within the GAC when they have a chance?)

Please feel free to elaborate or chime in with other thoughts / highlights coming out of ICANN64. We’ll gather these reflections and post a summary to the website once the meeting records have been posted.

Kind regards,

Collin Kurre
CCWP-HR Co-Chair

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