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Jonathan, this issue is very much on our minds in the work for the CCWG and the CWG.  Could you clarify whether there is a specific project you have in mind?   Holly.

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Thank-you for this work. There is a related point we need to check with you please.

As the CCWG work progresses from the current draft and to include any modifications based on the public comment period, the CWG needs to be sure that the CWG dependencies remain met by the CCWG proposal.
Is this something you are doing as a matter of course? We assume so but need to check whether or not you require specific instructions to this effect and if so, an indication of the cost.

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Dear All,

Attached is a draft matrix summarizing the proposed ICANN bylaw changes that relate to CWG’s final proposal.

Could you please forward to the CWG?


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