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Dear Jonathan,

Following up on your request for estimates for the CWG work outlined below, please see below.  Please note that these are rough estimates only.  These estimates are highly dependent on the extent of back and forth and the number of drafts that are provided for our review which we can’t predict.

1.  Drafting the Letter to CCWG: $20,000 (this includes the substantive review to support the conclusions in the letter).

2.  ICANN Bylaws:

                To date we have $185,000 in fees for this work.  The additional fees are highly dependent on the number of iterations that are done on the bylaws.  Assuming that are role is limited to implementing one round of the CWG responses to our questions and reviewing one additional turn of the CWG-related bylaws by ICANN legal, we would anticipate an additional $150,000-175,000.

4.  Creation of PTI and Drafting of Articles and Bylaws

                We would estimate this work would be $175,000-200,000.  Again this is highly dependent on process and number of iterations.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to discuss.

Best regards,

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CWG Client Committee Colleagues

ICANN is asking for work plans in order to best estimate the ongoing costs associated with the transition project. Since the single largest expenditure is legal fees, there is understandably an enhanced focus on this.

Lise and I discussed it and we see the areas of future work as follows:

1.      The drafting of a Letter to the CCWG on dependencies.
This is work in progress and should be complete in the next week or so.

2.      The work to draft ICANN bylaws pertaining to PTI
An initial draft was prepared. CWG are in the process of providing input to a series of questions raised.
Thereafter, Sidley will take our output and further refine their original draft.
Thereafter, we expect to hand the pen to ICANN legal staff for further drafting and integration with other bylaw work.
We can expect that we will require of Sidley that they undertake one or more reviews of this work.

3.      ICANN legal and operational staff are taking the lead on the Creation and setup of PTI
We can expect that we will require of Sidley that they undertake one or more reviews of this work.

This seems to be the scope of the work for which ICANN will need to estimate and budget.
Before we put this to the CWG, please feel free to provide and comment or supplementary input.

Many thanks,


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