[client com] Notes from call on 22 July @ 14:30 UTC

Yuko Green yuko.green at icann.org
Fri Jul 22 15:24:25 UTC 2016

Dear Client Committee,

Notes and actions from today's meeting are shown below. Recordings will be posted to the Wiki.


Client Committee Meeting #24
22 July 2016 @ 14:30 UTC


1.       IANA IPR

*         Charter of Principle Terms

*         IPR legal docs:

o   Transfer of IPR

o   License Agreement

o   Community Agreement

2.       Status of other legal work (CWG meeting 28 July)

*         Review of Naming Function Agreement

*         Review of Intercompany Agreement

3.       AOB

*         Requirements for additional calls for Monday 25 July

Audio Only: Sharon Flanagan, Trang Nguyen

Prospective outcome/actions on IANA IPR:

1.       Highlight key questions for IETF Trust to be discussed on Tuesday (26 July)

2.       Highlight substantive issues to be resolved in IPR documents to date

3.       Discuss the process of dealing with the documents

Key Objectives for CWG (28 July):

1.       Update CWG on IANA IPR and any substantial issues or contentious items

2.       Inform CWG on Sidley's review of Naming Function and Intercompany Agreements

*         Separate agreements

*         Substantive issues

3.       Resolve outstanding issues on Articles and Bylaws

*         Inform CWG public comment submission

ACTION (Sidley): Prepare the summary of key issues (principle terms and material issues) prior to 26 July IANA IPR meeting

ACTION (ICANN): Forward the 26 July IANA IPR meeting invitation to ICANN Legal so they can join as an observer

2. Status of other legal work (CWG meeting 28 July)

*         Sidley will be able to provide updates on Naming Function and Intercompany Agreements

3. AOB

*         No new call to be scheduled for Monday 25 July


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