[CWG-Stewardship] Revised Scoping Document for Legal Advice

Greg Shatan gregshatanipc at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 18:06:13 UTC 2015


I'm not too surprised at the length of the document, since we have now
turned it into an educational tool.  Even beginning to communicate the
intricacies of ICANN and IANA in a few pages is a challenge -- but we
decided to make this "primer" a part of the document. (I'm not sure the
questions are entirely "distinct", a number of them are related, but that
is of no particular moment.)

In any event, my understanding is that a small group of
members/participants in the CWG would select the lawyers, with some
assistance from ICANN, and that ICANN will pay.

It's always been clear to me that we would need to engage a law firm, and
not merely a single lawyer, to get the advice we need.  Most lawyers of the
calibre we need work in law firms, not as solo practitioners, and don't
work in isolation in any event.  It will be important to engage a lead
counsel with the core skill sets we need, who will coordinate and provide
the bulk of the advice, but would do that with the assistance of his/her


On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 7:50 AM, Christopher Wilkinson <
lists at christopherwilkinson.eu> wrote:

> Well Greg:  We now have a 6 page legal brief including thirty (30)
> distinct questions!
> Allow me to repeat my earlier query: "Who is going to select the lawyer(s)
> and pay for the costs of this advice?"
> (Particularly as I recall more than a hint on the List, that an individual
> lawyer might not be able to respond to all of these questions … )
> Regards
> CW
> On 21 Jan 2015, at 09:36, Greg Shatan <gregshatanipc at gmail.com> wrote:
> All:
> Attached is a revised "scoping document" for the request for legal
> advice.  We need to finalize this document no later than Thursday's call of
> the CWG.  While we could spend more time working on the document, it is
> more important to get access to legal counsel than to wordsmith this
> document.
> I have also uploaded this as a new Google Doc:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EUtXShskfHF6DRyVwTnAMG3eQ0DcFMca4EovrwkcP3k/edit?usp=sharing
> Please make any suggested changes in the new Google Doc.
> Greg
> <CWG Legal Questions v2.docx>
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