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Hi Jonathan

I have no objection to the committee as you propose, but it was obvious from the RFP3(b) call this morning that we may have more questions related to 'trusts' that we would like some answers to.

Not sure that this impacts the composition of the committee, but it may be that we have more questions to be incorporated into any work effort.



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As you know, legal advice to the CWG is on the critical path for our work. It is now both essential and urgent to get the ball rolling.

To this extent, and as discussed at our recent meeting, we require a client committee which represents the group, has legal expertise and is available to brief and work with the lawyers.

>From the volunteers, we had two lawyers make themselves available (Greg & Maarten) and so, together with the co-chairs, we will work with this small team of four in the first instance.

1.       Greg Shatan (Partner at Abelman Frayne & Schwab)

2.       Maarten Simon (General Counsel at SIDN)

3.       Lise Fuhr (Co-chair)

4.       Jonathan Robinson (Co-chair)

We believe that this will keep us appropriately qualified, sufficiently fleet footed and closely connected to work and requirements of the CWG.


Jonathan & Lise
CWG Co-Chairs

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