[gnso-improvem-impl-sc] Council report

Ron Andruff randruff at rnapartners.com
Thu Jun 21 16:00:27 UTC 2012

The slides capture a good summary of our work to date, in my view,
Wolf-Ulrich - with one exception.  The second to last slide creates an issue
that could, and should be avoided at this time.
The question as to whether the SCI should put our work product out to public
comment (or send back to GNSO) seems to over-complicate the purpose of a
Standing Committee. The SCI role, as I understand it, is to knock off any
rough edges of processes that, in practice, expose implementation issues.
Therefore, it is neither NEW policy nor process; rather our work is simply
an effort to ensure that all of the gears fit cleanly into the chain that
drives ICANN.
Until the SCI has discussed this in more detail and taken a decision on the
matter there is no reason to bring it up to anyone outside of the SCI, in my
view.  For this reason I urge you to remove this slide from the
Thank you for your consideration.
Kind regards,
Ronald N. Andruff



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attached is the draft report to the council on Saturday morning. Please feel
free to comment/amend.
I'd like to send it to Glen by tomorrow 19:00 UTC for posting.
Best regards
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