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I will be joining the call but I will be late.

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thanks to Avri for sending her ideas on the subject we have been tasked with (item no. 3.)

Please find below my 5 cent on the e-mail voting topic based on her thoughts:

1. Generally, those Councillors that are present in physical or remote meetings should vote. Where a Councillor cannot participate in a meeting, a proxy or an alternate should be appointed.

2. Submitting votes by e-mail voting should be the exception.

3. E-Mail voting can be allowed at the GNSO Council Chair's discretion both for individuals as well as for the whole Council.

4. The GNSO Council Chair shall only grant the possibility to vote by e-mail

a) to individual Councillors if the Councillor has attended the discussion on the motion and was unable to participate in the vote.

b) to the Council as a whole subject to the following conditions, which must be present cumulatively:

- the motion to be voted on has been sufficiently discussed by the Council and no further discussion was asked for by one or more Councillors
- conducting the vote at the next scheduled meeting of the Council would prevent that progress is made which is regarded important by the Council

5. The GNSO Council Chair will send the motion and the time frame for submitting votes to the GNSO Council mailing list with at least 48 hours notice on week days.

6. E-mails containing votes shall be sent to the GNSO Secretariat with a subject specifying the motion as previously announced by the GNSO Secretariat to the GNSO Council mailing list. E-mails containing votes must not be sent to the GNSO Council mailing list to prevent strategic voting.

7. The GNSO Secretariat shall ensure that e-mail votes received are authentic either by confirming the vote with the respective Councillor through a communication channel other than e-mail or via means of digital signature of the e-mail containing the vote.

8. The GNSO Secretariat will publish the results of the vote as soon as practically possible after expiry of the voting deadline or the completion of the vote, whichever is earlier.


Am 03.12.2013 um 22:08 schrieb Julie Hedlund <julie.hedlund at icann.org<mailto:julie.hedlund at icann.org>>:

Dear SCI members,

Please see the actions from the meeting on 03 December 2013. Our next meeting is scheduled for 17 December 20:00 UTC for 1 hour (12:00 PST , 15:00 EST,  20:00 London, 21:00 CET — a separate notice will be sent with teleconference information).  As agreed in Buenos Aires the SCI will revert to a 2-week schedule when it has outstanding items, although to avoid the New Year holiday the meeting following 17 December will be on 07 January.

Best regards,

Julie Hedlund, Policy Director

1.  Working Group Self-Assessment:  Mikey O'Conner and Ron Andruff will enage Ken to draft a message for Mikey to send to the WG to retake the survey and set a deadline for 2 weeks (17 December).  Julie Hedlund will send the summary of the previous survey to the SCI list (done).

2  Re-Submitting a Motion: Greg Shatan will re-write B Limitations and Exceptions #4 to change "tabled" to "deferred" and make other adjustments as discussed.  SCI members will send the revised language to their constituencies to get feedback by a 2-week deadline (17 December).  Continue discussion on whether "consent" is needed before "agenda" in item A Rule, #3.

3.  Voting by Email:  Avri Doria and Thomas Rickert will work on an approach.

4.  Waiver/Exception to GNSO Operating Procedures:  Continue discussion on the next call and on the list.

5.  AOB: Next meeting is 17 December and the SCI will move back to a 2-week schedule when it has outstanding items (excepting meetings that fall on holidays).

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