[gnso-improvem-impl-sc] Charter revision -- what is our goal?

Ron Andruff randruff at rnapartners.com
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I think Avri summed up my views, and those of most SCI members as well.
Julie's comments add a little more context to the matter.

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To add.  I approached it as a clean-up.  There were some anachronisms that
need cleaning up based on the closing of OSC and PSC.

Some, those who wanted to change the way decisions were made, might have
wanted to go beyond clean-up. 

I am not sure that anyone was looking to give the SCI more function, but it
is hard to be sure.  Certainly not one of my goals.

I think the SCI works best when it has precious little to do, and I do not
agree with an SCI that goes looking for work.  Except for the periodic
process reviews, which we have not done yet, I think all the rest of SCI
work should be driven by the Council or Council chartered working groups.

But with questions like that, I am so glad you are on the SCI now


On 6 Jun 2013, at 12:11, Mike O'Connor wrote:

> hi all,
> newbie question here.  i thought i'd frame it in a new thread just because
i'm getting a bit bewildered by all the topics in the list right now.
> here's my question:  what are we hoping to achieve with the change in the
> possible answers -- we're trying to:  
> -- clarify our original charge (in the following areas) in order to
accomplish the following goals
> -- expand on our original charge (in the following areas) in order to
accomplish the following goals
> -- do both of those things, to accomplish the following goals
> -- do something else, to accomplish the following goals
> i'm new, so i'd be delighted to just be pointed to this answer rather than
dragging it out of people on the list or the phone.
> thanks,
> mikey
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