[gnso-improvem-impl-sc] SCI Letter to GNSO Council Chair Jonathan Robinson

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Wed Jan 28 17:05:46 UTC 2015

On 28-Jan-15 11:01, Aikman-Scalese, Anne wrote:
> Have you had time to listen to it or to read the transcript?  

Yes, i read it quickly a while back.

I even just reread to try and figure out why you keep asking me this.

The only thing I can find is an implicit request that instead of just
reporting on the SCI to the council, the liaison should also report to
the SCI on the council.  No problem.  Speaking as the liaison I am happy
to have that as part of the regular SCI agenda. Understanding the task
of the liaison role is evolving and this seems totally reasonable to me
as a function of the role.

Was that what you were looking for?

Otherwise from reading the letter, and speaking now as a primary member
who intends to remain one until such time as Stefania tells me she is
ready to take on the primary role and we switch roles, I think that the
process used to agree on the letter was rushed and did not take into
account any discussion time.  I am a bit surprised, now having reread
the transcript with a searching intent, that the items 3 and 4 showed up
on your revised version in the manner they did.  I also saw no call for
consensus on the letter, just a lack of dissent in the last seconds of
the call. there was no call for consensus on the list either that I
saw.  As I said previously, I am concerned with SCI processes, and lack
of strictness in its practices.   As a member, the top down approach to
letter writing does not seem the best example for this group to follow. 
Also I feel that in moving ahead with the letter, the concerns of those
on the call may not have been fully factored in, but they would have to
speak to that - though perhaps some have already given their indication
in one form or another.

I also noticed something I think I have noticed before and that is how
few people spoke up during the meeting.



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