[Gnso-ppsai-pdp-wg] Proposed F2F meeting in Buenos Aires - final selection

Mary Wong mary.wong at icann.org
Thu Mar 19 15:37:00 UTC 2015

Dear WG members,

The WG chairs would greatly appreciate it if you can spare just a minute for
just one more quick poll on the question of when we hold our face-to-face
meeting in Buenos Aires.

The results of the first poll showed a preference for Friday 19 June by 9
members, with 6 other members preferring the two-session option. Staff has
checked with other departments (e.g. Compliance) as to their planned
sessions for the week in order to minimize conflicts as much as possible.
However, please note that much still depends on variables that we cannot
ascertain at this stage, especially the question of how many sessions there
will be on IANA stewardship transition and accountability, and when these
will take place. Nonetheless, we venture to suggest that the most feasible
times for the two-session option would be Sunday 21 June (possibly from
4.30-7.30 or 5.00-8.00 p.m.) and Wednesday 24 June (similar times as for

As such, we now have a choice to make as between Friday 19 June and a
combination of Sunday and Wednesday evenings as indicated above (though
please note that this may be subject to change).

In order to assist the chairs with the final decision, which they hope to
make as soon as possible to enable those planning to be in Buenos Aires to
confirm their travel arrangements, here is the new poll:
http://doodle.com/2zt2s2pnfm2k3sy5. As with the earlier poll, it¹s been
designed to show the chairs which is everyone¹s first option ­ please use
the Comments section if you have concerns, have no preference, or other
comments. For members who are not going to be in Buenos Aires, please note
that full remote participation facilities will be available for the F2F

Thank you! FYI 19 members participated in the first poll, with 2 preferring
no F2F meeting and 1 voting for Friday 26 June.


Mary Wong
Senior Policy Director
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN)
Telephone: +1 603 574 4892
Email: mary.wong at icann.org


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