[gnso-rds-pdp-wg] RDAP for Registration Data Service Upgrade?

Hollenbeck, Scott shollenbeck at verisign.com
Wed May 25 11:15:36 UTC 2016

Thanks for the plug, Carlton. If I could add a few things:

Work on the RDAP protocol is much farther along than work on the policy to use it. I’m continuing to work on a protocol extension that I think is needed to support differentiated access based on the work of the EWG and I fully expect my work (and the work of others) to evolve as policy development proceeds. Having said that, it’s important for people understand that there will be no other WHOIS replacement protocols coming out of the IETF. If we decide that an RDDS is needed, we’re going to have to find a way to provide that service using one of the options (WHOIS, WHOIS++, RWHOIS, IRIS, or RDAP) that are already available. RDAP is our best option.


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This offers the possibility of implementing a new paradigm for management and processing of registration data.

Our EWG colleague Scott Hallenbeck knows a few things about this.



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