[Internal-cg] Draft agenda for Feb 25 teleconference

Manal Ismail manal at tra.gov.eg
Mon Feb 23 11:38:11 UTC 2015

Thanks Alissa .. 

Unfortunately I won't be able to join the call as I'll be on the road
for an early and distant meeting ..

I'm sure no one will be interested in hearing Cairo morning traffic on
the call J !!

Comments on the agenda inline below ..

Kind regards



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Here is a proposed agenda for the teleconference we are currently
doodling about for next week. Please comment.


(1) Minutes approval for F2F meeting Feb 6-7 

(minutes should be available for review this week)


[MI]: I'm fine with the minutes .. I would also suggest adding 'Review
action items from previous call/meeting' as a permanent agenda item in
order to make sure nothing agreed was overlooked ..


(2) ICG timeline discussion

Objective: Decide on our timeline going forward so that we can publish
an updated timeline. See this thread:


[MI]: As mentioned in Singapore I would be cautious not to set an
aggressive timeline and miss or change the deadline again; and would be
equally cautious not to set a relaxed timeline that may be
misinterpreted as lack of commitment .. I think we need to accurately
calculate the necessary time which I believe is a bit difficult with so
many critical factors being unclear .. That said is there an urgency for
us go live with a new timeline now .. Can't we just:

-          Add a disclaimer on the original timeline, stating that this
was based on receiving the 3 proposals at the same time, and around Jan
15th , 2015 and will be updated in due course as things become clearer

-          Thank the protocol parameters community and numbers community
for the submitted proposals and reiterate ICG's commitment to proceed
with steps that can be done independently with both proposals 

-          Thank the names community for the dedication and hard work
solving more complex issues, and re-iterate ICG's commitment to closely
monitor the process and bring to their attention anything that may help
spare us post-submission ICG-CWG iterations .. 


(3) Discussion of responses to question posed to IETF and RIRs

(assuming we receive responses by Feb 21)


[MI]: Just to note that I've noticed the topic already being discussed
on the names community mailing list ..


(4) Begin Step 2 assessment of IETF and RIR proposals in combination

See this thread:

[MI]: I agree with Wolf-Ulrich's suggestion to "look again to the IETF
and RIR proposals from the implementation point of view which Larry
Strickling raised in Singapore."


(5) Next Face-to-Face Meeting in Buenos Aires

[MI]: If time allows, I suggest adding this as an agenda item to agree
whether the meeting will be before or after the ICANN week .. I recall
this was discussed in Singapore but not concluded .. If no further
discussion is needed maybe a Doodle poll will serve the purpose .. and
if time doesn't allow we can definitely discuss online .. The reason I
brought this up is that the hotels are already announced and it will be
good to know early on the dates of any additional days .. 


As I will not be on the call, I'll share my opinion here .. If I recall
correctly, we've met 'after' in Istanbul (and LA?) and 'before' in
Singapore .. I think meeting before was useful in aligning views, making
sure everyone is on the same page, agreeing on messages that need to be
conveyed, etc ... .. Having said that, and if ICG members' flights
allow, a couple of hours to wrap up, at the end, after the public forum,
may also be useful .. 




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