[IOT] Agenda/Notes for IRP IOT call Thursday April 27 at 19:00 UTC

McAuley, David dmcauley at verisign.com
Mon Apr 24 19:03:30 UTC 2017

Dear members of the IRP IOT:

We have a 90-minute call scheduled for this coming Thursday, April 27th, at 19:00 UTC - please be sure to join the call as we need to make progress on a fair number of issues.

Here are the agenda and related notes for the call this Wednesday:


1.       Admin/SOI;

2.       Reminder of working collegiality;

3.       Status of timing issue and plan for conclusion (see note (1) below);

4.       Furthering help for SOs/ACs on establishing Standing Panel (see note (2) below);

5.       Joinder Issue (see note (3) below);

6.       Challenges to consensus policy issue (see note (4) below);

7.       Segmenting certain issues (see note (5) below);

8.       Remaining work plan.


(1)    On timing, this is an issue that has been under discussion among Malcolm Hutty, Sam Eisner, Liz Le, and myself separately - specifically as to whether and how an overall "repose" time-limitation might be acceptable/work. I plan to send a mail to this small group tomorrow with some suggestions and ask Malcolm, Sam, and Liz to do their best to be on the call to discuss Thursday. We will give the discussion ten minutes or so (the groundwork discussions are complete and need not be revisited - we now need to seek a way forward) and if unable to complete on the call we will take the issue to the full list.

(2)    On further help for SOs and ACs, I will shortly forward a related email string, not long.

(3)    On joinder see this email<http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/iot/2017-March/000170.html> for reference (both Greg Shatan's comment and mine). In addition, we may have an email from Sam in the meantime so if that comes in please read it prior to the call.

(4)    On challenges to consensus policy I will refer to the attached four slides.

(5)    On segmenting certain issues see this email<http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/iot/2017-March/000172.html> for reference.

(6)    On the remaining work plan I will be sending a new template to list in a day or so for purposes of this discussion.

We must endeavor to pick up the tempo - not just to meet our looming May 29 deadline but also to get in place the complete IRP process as envisioned by Work Stream 1 and the new bylaws as adopted Oct. 1st of last year.

Best regards,


David McAuley

Sr International Policy & Business Development Manager

Verisign Inc.


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