[IOT] IOT Sub-Group on IRP Initiation - Agenda for November 9, 2021, meeting 19:00 UTC

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After discussing the operation of the sub-groups with the Chair it was felt
that it would be useful to post all sub-group emails to the main list. This
will allow us to log these emails in our archives and will allow
the plenary to keep track, if they wish, of the activities of the

To keep things organized we would ask that if you are posting an email for
a sub-group to please note the sub-group in the subject line as per this

Please note that the list of sub-group members is included below.

Thank You.

Bernard Turcotte
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Susan Payne
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IOT Sub-Group on IRP Initiation

Agenda for November 9, 2021, meeting 19:00 UTC (Meeting # 1)


·       Malcolm Hutty

·       Mike Rodenbaugh

·       Scott Austin

·       ICANN Legal (TBD)


1.     Purpose of the sub-group: Review the following items and make
recommendations to the plenary where appropriate:

1.1.  Public information regarding the initiation of an IRP.

1.2.  Outstanding items list #3: Fee to initiate IRP: Review current
procedure against Bylaws to determine whether any change is appropriate.

1.3.  Outstanding items list # 10B: Consider adding a clarification that
the IRP is officially commenced when the ICDR Administrator actually
receives a written statement dispute, as well as confirmation that ICDR
Rule 36(3) governs a party’s failure to pay required fees.  Clarifying
timing requirements is important, as that sets the cadence for the full
briefing schedule.

2.     Review the list of relevant information and identify any missing

2.1.  List of IRP URLs from the ICANN website.

2.1.1.     https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/accountability/irp-en



2.2.  ICDR rules: https://www.icdr.org/icann

2.2.1.     ICANN Bylaws section 4.3:


1.     Selection of sub-group Chair/Rapporteur.

2.     Review agenda

3.     Review of public information regarding the initiation of an IRP.

4.     Next meetings – Tuesday, November 23 at 17:00 UTC.
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