[IOTF] AOB from call #5

Trang Nguyen trang.nguyen at icann.org
Sat Apr 16 01:38:50 UTC 2016

Hi Paul,

You had raised the below topic for discussion in the AOB portion of the agenda on Wednesday's IOTF call. Because we ran out of time, I had suggested that we pick up this discussion in the IOTF mail list. Below is what you raised on the call:

"I've raised this a number of times on the list. Historically there has always been a difference of the way in which ccs and gTLD are handled or respected within the IANA frame work and obviously the post transition we want the difference to continue. I don't know what juncture it needs to be captured, whether it's in the Bylaws of PTI, whether it's implementation recognition in the document, implementation documentation. And I would welcome your guidance, as to how you intend to respect the differences between the authority parts for ccTLDs and gTLDs."

Could you please point to the part in the ICG, CWG or CCWG proposal that speak to any requirements for implementation on this topic?

Thank you,


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