[Latingp] Minutes from the call on May 30, 2017

Mirjana Tasić Mirjana.Tasic at rnids.rs
Sun Jun 4 10:35:51 UTC 2017

Dear colleagues,

Here are some notes from the conference call held on May  30, 2017.
If I missed some discussions, please correct me.
Comments, corrections, suggestions are very appreciated.

Regards Mirjana


I.        Roll call
II.      Short report from the first meeting of Repertoire group
III.    Short reports from the first meeting of Variant group
IV.    Discussion about F2F meeting Agenda
V.      AOB


  1.  Roll call:
Following GP members were present on the call:

Bill Jouris
Dennis Tan
Fiammetta  Caccavale
Sarmad Hussain
Mats Dufberg
Mirjana Tasić
Ahmed Bakhat Masood

Excused: Meikal Mumin, Michael Bauland, Ousmane Moussa Tessa, Hazem Hezzah

  1.  Short report from Repertoire Group call

Nebiye Petek Kurtböke sent the notes from Repertoire Group meeting as follows:
1. Sarmad shared ARABIC GP's work to set an example
2. Highlighted the issue of 'combined marks' and how they should be treated
3. They should be treated as Sequences rather than code points
4. Mirjana thinks diacritics by themselves should be excluded
5. Sarmad underlined 'contextual motivation'
6. In the course of our work new code points are expected to be discovered and we'll move on from MSR2 to MSR3
7. What to do with letters not existing in MSR2
8. Are the principles used by the other script groups (eg arabic) applicable to Latin?
9. How to draft new principles?
10. First round of RGIDS languages 1-4 to be circulated (180).

After the Repertoire group meeting Mats Dufberg sent the proposal how the group could proceed:

  1.  Accept the Arabic GP principles as preliminary principles.
  2.  Doing the following in parallel:
     *   Start working on languages with EGIDS code 0-3.
     *   Revise and update the principles as needed
  3.  Set the principles for Latin GP
  4.  Continue the work with the languages.
  5.  We should not hesitate to update the principles again after they are set if needed.

Ahmet Bakhat Massod commented the Repertoire Group meeting:

“Repertoire group should convene its meetings to identify code points and a presentation be prepared for discussion during Face to Face meeting”

  1.  Short report from Variant Group call

Denis Tan has informed GP members about first meeting of the Variant Group. After the call Denis sent the following report to GP mailing list:

  *   Reviewed summary of body of knowledge of Latin Variants (for TLDs)
  *   Discussed criteria for variants in the Latin script):
     *   IP’s expectation clearly limits the scope of variants for the Latin script. Their views are supported by other past work products (e.g. Considerations in the Use of the Latin Script in Variant Internationalized Top-Level Domains)
     *   Latin GP may recommend that strong similarity review mechanisms are in place when processing gTLD applications in future rounds to minimize delegation of confusable TLDs.
     *   Draft principle 1: Variants in Latin script will be limited to homoglyphs (i.e. code points designed by Unicode to look identical)
     *   Variant WG will be looking at in-script and cross-script variants.
     *   We need to review code point sequences that involve more than one diacritic.
     *   For cross-script variants we will be looking at Cyrillic, Armenian and Greek work. As well as Unicode’s intentional and confusable character lists. Bill will also share a work of his own.

  1.  Discussion about F2F meeting Agenda

Sarmad proposed the template for organization of F2F meeting in Istanbul.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1myKxtzvvdgdK3Va4SvB5TjVG3rL6nJJRgp1AaJf2e58/edit - gid=0<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1myKxtzvvdgdK3Va4SvB5TjVG3rL6nJJRgp1AaJf2e58/edit#gid=0>

GP members are asked to consider the proposal, to add some more interesting topics for discussion, and to volunteer for chairing different topics.

Ahmed Bakhat add topic:

“It was proposed to start presentation from Mirjana to briefly communicate how the panel was formed and Chris started chairing the group and submitted 1st draft proposal to ICANN, later on, Mirjana took the lead and worked to sort out issues raised by ICANN and managed to submit final proposal, which was finally accepted by ICANN. She may also communicate the way forward for group”

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