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Hi folks, 

I've compiled a list of vertical lines and circles in the MSR.  (It seemed easier, all those CJK entries notwithstanding, than digging through the currently available submitted proposals.  And also covers languages for which Generation Panels have not yet submitted anything.  Or, the GPs do not yet exist.)  I also included crescents, since I was going through the MSR and it was minimal additional work.  I have included some cases which I think are marginal.  But it seemed better to let everyone look at them before deciding to discard them. 


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   - Find all shape “o” letters in all submitted proposals
   - Find all shape”I”, vertical bar, letters in all submitted proposals.
   - Production of  test data set
 Regards Mirjana    From: Latin GP <latingp-bounces at icann.org> on behalf of Latin GP <latingp at icann.org>
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Date: Monday, December 3, 2018 at 19:03
To: Latin GP <latingp at icann.org>
Subject: [Latingp] Next steps    All,   This is to put in writing what we discussed during our last minutes this past week. The to-do items to finalize the next version of the proposal:      
   - Incorporate responses from action items from Brussels document to main proposal document.
   - Do analysis of HTML underlining (e.g. diacritics below)
   - Do analysis of IDNA2003 compatibility issues per MSR-4
   - Finish review of Brussels homework
   - Expand “base character” analysis (Meikal to provide more detail)
   Please review, augment, amend as necessary.   -Dennis _______________________________________________
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