[technology taskforce] Fwd: [ALAC-Announce] ICANN News Alert -- Attention Adobe Connect Users: Service Change (Action Required)

Dev Anand Teelucksingh devtee at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 13:10:37 UTC 2016

Hi, Beran,

It wouldn't make the caption pilot program redundant - persons are still
needed to scribe the live conference calls after all. One key benefit as
the announcement points out and Josh Baulch mentioned at the TTF meeting at
ICANN56 (see transcriipt at http://sched.co/7Mdz is that ICANN can deploy
custom pods in the Adobe Connect rooms instead on relying on the standard
pods available in the hosted service of Adobe Connect that ICANN has used
in the past.

So the chat pod can be replaced with a chat pod that uses machine language
translation so participants can see machine translations of the chats
without having to copy and paste to an outside translation tool. And these
custom pods could be done in HTML5 and not Adobe Flash meaning that these
pods would be accessible for mobile users. Many standard pods in the hosted
service of Adobe Connect such as the captioning pod used in the pilot, the
polling pod used for surveys can't be seen by mobile users.

There will be a TTF call with Josh Baulch to fully discuss the impact of
the changeover.

Dev Anand

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> Dear team
> I have not been on a lot of calls lately due to some personal issues but
> upon reading the article below regarding the new adobe connect features (
> which Dev touched on briefly on the last call), I can't help but wonder if
> this does not make redundant our pilot caption program. I see it will offer
> multilingual chat, scribing among other things... or am I missing something?
> Clarifications would be appreciated.
> Regards
> Beran
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> ------------------------------
> Attention Adobe Connect Users: Service Change (Action Required)
> 26 September 2016
> Adobe Connect, ICANN's remote participation tool, is moving over to an
> ICANN-hosted server. The transition will occur on a rolling basis between
> 26 September and 14 October 2016. After 14 October, all Adobe Connect
> meetings will use the new server.
> ICANN made this change to address the performance and reliability problems
> you have been experiencing. Having the server under ICANN's management
> means that Adobe Connect will be more stable than in the past. You should
> experience increased call quality and better customer service. In addition,
> we will be able to create custom pods – for example, multilingual chat,
> multilingual scribe streams and timers.
> What Exactly Is the Change?
> Old server: icann.adobeconnect.com
> New server: participate.icann.org
> What Do I Have to Do?
> *Important! Because the change is happening in phases, not all meetings
> will move over to the new server at the same time. During the transition
> period, check your meeting invitation for the correct URL. If you have any
> questions, contact the meeting organizer.*
>    - *If you are a meeting attendee,* you don't have to do anything. Your
>    meeting organizer should be updating the meeting request with the new URL.
>    - *If you are a meeting organizer,* update the meeting notice. Change
>    the portion of the URL that specifies the server to the new ICANN server.
> What if I Have Questions?
> Email your questions to mts at icann.org.
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