[tz] Replacing the TZ Coordinator

D Nathan Cookson dorzak at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 17:07:09 UTC 2021

An echo does not make a crowd.

I have lurked on this list for years.  I am replying from a personal email
address because my views are my own.

There has been an echo chamber of a relatively few people on the list
complaining about the changes.   This seems to be far from a consensus.
Instead it is a small group that keeps bouncing the same things back and
forth without being willing to compromise at all.  Either Paul does what
you demand or else off with his head!

Should they have had more discussion before they were applied? Probably

As I understand it, some of the historical data was combined because TZDB
was never intended to be a source to map location to timezone. This also
removed some names that some might find objectionable, and slimmed down the
size of the default data when compiled.

There are compile options to still include it.  Those compile options need
some work to meet the needs of everybody.   Instead of throwing a tantrum,
how about submitting patches for Paul to review to improve the compile
option?  If you spent half the effort doing that as you do trying to foment
a coup d'état, the compile option might be a solution already. That is what
I meant by compromise.

On Tue, Sep 21, 2021 at 2:43 PM Stephen Colebourne via tz <tz at iana.org>

> The TZDB project is guided by RFC 6557. Section 4 allows the list to
> seek an alternate TZ coordinator where "The TZ Coordinator is not
> performing the function in accordance with community wishes".
> https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc6557.html#section-4
> The RFC instructs as follows:
>    Members of the community should raise the
>    issue on the TZ mailing list and attempt to reach consensus on a new
>    candidate to fulfill the role of TZ Coordinator.  If rough consensus
>    cannot be reached easily, the Area Directors of the IETF Applications
>    Area should attempt to guide the members of the community to rough
>    consensus.  The candidate that is agreed upon by the community
>    through rough consensus shall be presented to the IESG for
>    confirmation.  If rough consensus cannot be reached, even with
>    guidance from the Applications Area Directors, the IESG shall use
>    whatever means it has at its disposal to choose a candidate who in
>    its best judgment will be able to fulfill the role of TZ Coordinator.
> Is there consensus on the list that a change is required?
> Is there a candidate willing to take on the role of TZ Coordinator?
> Stephen
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