[UA-discuss] Report on Universal Acceptance at ICANN54

Ron Baione ron.baione at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 20 21:06:55 UTC 2015


For those who could not attend the conference, can you or someone from UA provide information on anything that was, aside from agreeing there is "more work ahead", actually completed at the conference (excluding presentations and slide shows about past and future progress, and excluding the initiation of new tasks).  Was anything agreed on to be actually completed before the next conference in February?

The PDF only references items "to be progressed" rather than things actually being "completed" and the internet community, I think, would like to see "tangible progress" rather than "continuing progress".  The conversation between conferences tends to be about items to be talked about at the next conference, whereas at the conferences presentations and slide shows occur about progress to date and in the future, with developmemt of new tasks to add to the development agenda at each conference, but nothing seems to be "actually completed in the present", with the internet community always looking forward to future accomplishments after reviewing the past, with the same conclusion always being "much is still left to do".  

"At the full-day UA Workshop held on Sunday, more than 50 people participated in developing more than a dozen tasks (each with owners and deadlines) to be progressed before the ICANN55 meeting in Marrakesh in February 2016."

What is the time-frame, if any, for completing any or all of the referenced more than a dozen newly developed tasks, or any task?


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