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Hi all, Bruce:

Is this just a semantic difference or is it substantive?

That is, I always assumed the two terms to be synonyms - basically the same

Does the board wish to distinguish between people who watch only
(observers) and those who watch and can offer input (participants), due to
a fear that the latter might expand into deliberating on their input too?


On Thursday, 4 February 2016, Bruce Tonkin <Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au>

> Recommendation 9 – AoC Reviews
> Following on from the recent email exchange to clarify the Board’s
> concerns on Recommendation 9, the Board notes that many of its concerns can
> be addressed during implementation and the development of Operational
> Standards.  The Board has a particular concern with two paragraphs in the
> most recent version.
> At paragraph 54, the Board does not support the language that states
> “Review Teams are established to include both a limited number of members
> and an open number of participants.”  The Board would support this language
> if it read “Review Teams are established to include both a limited number
> of members and an open number of observers.”  The Board does not agree with
> a Bylaws-mandated inclusion of “participants” in these Review Teams.  The
> Review Team composition is defined and limited because of the specificity
> of the review.  Requiring open participation is not consistent with this
> purpose.
> Similarly, the statement at Paragraph 57 that the Review Team would first
> try to find consensus among “participants”, and only if that is not
> successful, seek consensus among members.  Consensus polling should only be
> among the Review Team members.  The Board does not support maintaining “if
> consensus cannot be reached among the participants” at the beginning of
> that paragraph.
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