[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] potential price increase.

trustee at teamlaw.net trustee at teamlaw.net
Fri Apr 26 17:50:37 UTC 2019

The simple reality is that many organizations like ours are operated for no
profit and are valuable resources to internet users that have access to our
sites.  However, because our costs of operation have been set for a long
time and we do not have the capacity to turn our services into revenue
generating services, organizations like ours are put under undue strain as
any price increase takes place.  Respectively, we ask ICANN to forget any
thoughts of lifting the price lock on .org addresses because it would be
devistating on services like ours; potentially causing such services to get
priced out of existance.  Respectively, there is no good reason for raising
such prices other than money grubing.

Sincerely, E. W. Madsen, Trustee.

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