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This reminds me of when I was a kid in the 1990's when it was said that
Beckett Sports Card Magazine was messing with the prices of sport cards.
Beckett was the standard for price guides and they dropped price for
Micky's, Babes, etc. so that they could buy them cheap, and later on
increased the value of those cards, or so that was what the story was back
in those days when I attended sport card shows.


Many non-profits use these domains and the majority of them do not have deep
pockets. If the prices keep increasing, people will stop renewing their
domains, many of which have been registered for years and those domains will
go back in the market allowing domain squatters to keep doing what they do,
buying domains and demanding big prices on them without ever wanting to use


Domains are a digital product, the costs of transferring them are probably
in the pennies. It's pure profit.



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