[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Removing price caps on all .org domains will affect negatively non-profit organisations

Radoslav Stoyanov radi.stoyanov at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 10:22:29 UTC 2019

I appeal to ICANN not to remove price caps on .org domains. The reason for
this is that it will have a negative impact on the online presence (hence,
publicity) of non-profit organizations. Many such organizations outside
North America are now struggling financially and their existence is
challenged by increasingly authoritarian governments. Unlike the US and
Canada where non-profits sometimes operate with multimillion annual budgets
in the rest of the world, non-profits are sometimes on the brink of
existence every month. Removing price caps will open the door for
registries to increase the prices of .org as they wish without regulation.
This may lead non-profits to a situation where obtaining proper domain will
no longer be financially possible. An example of that in the .bg domain for
Bulgaria where only one local for-profit company holds the monopoly as a
registry of the domain and the price for that domain is three times higher
than .com.

Radoslav Stoyanov
Sofia, Bulgaria
+359 899 470 703
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