[council] WHOIS TF 1: Question to GNSO Council regarding timelines

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I suggest that Barbara Roseman, as staff manager to the WHOIS TFs, should present a paper document for Council, outlining the TFs proposed timelines, so that we are looking at something written.  Oral reports about calendar dates are hard to follow online....Overall, I support the need to provide extended time frames, within the steps outlined by the PDP.
However, for a longer term consideration, it may at some point be necessary to modify the PDP.  I am  not suggesting that Council make that decision at this time, but as those responsible for policy development on gTLDs, Council may need at some point to consider modifications to the PDP.  I don't  mean to open that topic to discussion at this time, merely to note it to fellow Councilors.
Finally, we need to ensure that the needed and expected staff support from ICANN is understood by both ICANN and by the TFs. Timely responses and turnaround on work will be critical, and we do have many, and perhaps overlapping demands for work.  
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I support the proposal to extend the timeline for the PDP of WHOIS TF1 but the steps on the described TF1 timetable do not agree with the PDP. As someone involved in the drafting of the PDP text our understanding was that its timelines were guidelines that may need to be adapted by intelligent users. But its steps should be followed.
It is worth pointing out that the PDP article 7e tells us that the TF has 50 days (40+5+5)  to get a report out for public comment. There is then 20+10 = 30 days to get a final report to Council. The total time = 80 days. 
(It would be useful if the GNSO secretariat were to keep a record of each ACTUAL timeline of all PDPs, so that we can include the PDP deadlines in the GNSO review later this year. If we then need to change the deadlines, we can do so).
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