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Thu Dec 18 03:00:13 UTC 2003

per request of chair of TF3.

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Brian, do you want me to post this to the Council list? I can do that in the event that Glen is "off" which we hope she is, due to the time in France!!!!

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Dear Bruce:

I had sent the GNSO Secretariat Task Force 3's proposed revised schedule for completion of its work.  Because it is late in the day, I am sending this directly to you and Marilyn Cade who I know will also be on tomorrow's call.

Task Force 3 proposes the following schedule for the completion of its work:

December 24, 2003 -  Dissemination by ICANN of all WHOIS Workshop materials related to Task Force 3's milestones and tasks;

December 31, 2003 - Prepare  list of contacts for data verification

December 31, 2003 - Prepare draft of questions for contacts 

December 31, 2003 - ICANN Staff to provide (available) data verification
data and protocols from ccTLDs

December 31, 2003 - Prepare questions for Registrars regarding current

January 5, 2003 - Send questions to Registrars 

January 5, 2003 - Finalize list of contacts for data verification practices 

January 5, 2003 - Finalize questions for contacts and begin survey 

January 15, 2003 - Analyze responses from Registrars 

January 26, 2003 - Conclude survey of contacts 

February 2, 2003 - Prepare interim report on survey of Registrars and
outside sources 

February 23, 2003 - Constituency statements due

March 16, 2003 - Prepare Preliminary Report including constituency
statements and policy recommendations

March 17, 2003 - Open public comment period for 20 days 

April 6, 2003 - Public Comment Period Closes

April 20, 2003 - Prepare Final report for GNSO Council 


Brian Darville
Chair, Task Force 3
Oblon, Spivak
(703) 412-6426
bdarville at oblon.com 

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