[council] Annual Meeting now Tunisia?

Milton Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Sun Sep 21 10:42:08 UTC 2003

NCUC has been planning to hold new elections in October. However, we would greatly appreciate a time extension to November, as our rechartering also requires all members to rejoin, submit dues, etc. We could use the additional time and have a more representative election if there were an extension. And clarification of the 2 vs. 3 Council members would be critical. 

>>> "Neuman, Jeff" <Jeff.Neuman at Neustar.us> 09/19/03 04:54PM >>>

That being the case, assuming that the Board does not reverse its decision
on having 2 representatives, I guess the assumption is that each
constituency will be required to hold new elections for the 2
representatives and have those reps in place by the end of the Tunisia
In the way of guidance from the other constituencies, I was wondering if you
all are holding elections in the next few weeks for new Council members.  In
addition, technically, even if 3 reps are allowed I believe the bylaws call
for all new elections.

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